Toronto Fashion Week Day Three: Pink Tartan Runway Show

Pink Tartan’s president and design director Kimberley Newport-Mimran brought a new twist to the runway, staging an installation-style presentation with dramatically dressed mannequins set against a futuristic video. And instead of showing her spring 2018 collection, she presented fall 2017 in season. “Digital has been so disruptive to the fashion industry and especially runway shows, so I wanted to do something very different from what I normally do,” says Newport-Mimran. “A traditional fashion show is over in 10 minutes and you don’t even really see the clothes because it goes so fast. I wanted people to spend time actually looking at the clothes this time.”

And that’s exactly what happened—the energy was electric as showgoers flooded the presentation space in the tent, snapping videos and taking selfies in front of every single look. Attendees weaved their way through various style vignettes, from fisherman chic (organic wool sweaters knit on the East Coast) to holiday dressing (sequins and fur) to light as a feather (down capes and flouncy ruffled blouses).

When it comes to inspiration, Newport-Mimran eschews theme and fantasy in favour of real women and clothes that are actually wearable. “I took a more organic approach this season versus thinking too much about what’s next,” she says. “I was looking at what’s sustainable, the longevity of fashion and the lifespan of what I make. At the end of the day, I want to make clothes that girls want to wear—that’s the biggest compliment.”

[videopress w=640, h=400 JVhQs6qb]

Photography by George Pimentel