Toronto Fashion Week Day Three: Backstage Beauty for House of Suri and Hayley Elsaesser

Day three of Toronto Fashion Week Reimagined brought a packed house and the energy backstage was palpable. At House of Suri, the beauty look was decidedly modern. Senior artist for MAC Cosmetics Jane McKay designed the futuristic makeup that included painting a bold white line on models’ faces. “We made their skin look almost hyper real by using Strobe Cream in Goldlite and we used concealer where necessary,” says McKay. A sheer wash of colour was then pressed into lips for a natural, pinky effect. McKay then mixed Tailor Grey and Quite Natural Paint Pots together to use as a cream contour for sculpting models’ cheeks. The finishing touch was painting two geometric lines on the models’ faces, with each girl having a different design. “I’m using the rule of thirds so that you will see two lines that have a 90-degree angle, one third is a straight line and the two thirds arch around a feature,” she says. For hair, senior stylist at Victoria Radford Saira Remtulla created a wet look on the girls. “The vision for the hair was to have all the models looking like they came out of a factory, and to have everyone looking the same,” says Remtulla. Strands were combed into a deep side part with texture at the top creating the androgynous vibe of a men’s haircut. Spray mousse and gel were used to achieve the slick style.

At Hayley Elsaesser, the beauty look was fun and sparkly with pops of colour. “It’s all about colour with Hayley and she doesn’t take things too seriously,” says McKay. Models had a pearlescent glow on the runway thanks to McKay adding Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Show Gold in a ‘c’ shape around models’ eyes. Magenta Pigment was then added onto the lids and through the outer corners of the eye for a pop of pink. To get the vibrant blue hue on lips, which stood out on the runway, Blue Lip Mix was painted onto pouts, but had a sparkly top coat to really make a statement. “What created the real interest in this colour was layering Reflects Glitter in Transparent Teal overtop to create an amazing highlight on the lips,” says McKay. Hair was left fairly natural with the exception of colourful glitter sprinkled into manes pre-show to create a glitzy effect. “We literally just poured sparkles on the hair, we got all the glitter we could find from every craft store,” says Remtulla. To prep the hair for glitter, a salt spray was used to add grit, then Flow impeccableFINISH Fast Dry Hairspray was spritzed overtop to seal the sparkles in.

Photography by Benjamin Reyes