The RE\SET 003 Designer Showroom is Now Open!

It’s the first day of Toronto Fashion Week and the RE\SET 003 Designer Showroom, in collaboration with The Collections, is officially open. The market space, which is located on the second floor of Yorkville Village, offers the public the chance to meet designers and shop their collections.

Alan Anderson, who is known for his larger-than-life, maximalist jewels, will be at the showroom all three days. He says initiatives like the RE\SET 003 showroom are important for promoting the Canadian fashion industry. “We have some amazing designers in Canada, and we’re taking our spot on the world stage,” he says. “With Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Meghan Markle both wearing Canadian designers, it’s lovely to see us coming of age and being recognized for what we are as designers in Canada.”

Menswear designer Christopher Bates can also be spotted in the RE\SET 003 showroom, with both Fall/Winter pieces as well as his Spring/Summer 2018 collection. “[The showroom] is a creative platform that’s really inclusive and progressive,” Bates explains. “I’ve been working with The Collections for years — it’s a comfortable, collaborative experience.”

Come meet Alan Anderson, Christopher Bates, as well as a host of other designers (such as Laura Siegel, Hilary MacMillan and more!) at the RE\SET 003 showroom during Toronto Fashion Week.