Q&A with Jordan McKay of Hendrixroe on Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week

Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week ended on a high note as Kardinal Offishall and Toronto singer Pree opened the Hendrixroe presentation with a surprise performance of the Toronto rapper’s new single, “Winner.” The rest of the show felt like a full-on party, with models grooving down the runway in flower-power prints, glam sequins and metallic leather. We caught up with designer Jordan McKay after the show for the inside scoop on the inspiration behind her collection—and on letting your freak flag fly.

The name of the collection is “Forget Me Not” and it was inspired by everyone who fights for equality and love. Can you talk about what that means to you?

“I wanted to celebrate freedom and just go crazy with colour, texture, shine, pattern and everything! Letting your freak flag fly is not celebrated enough. We’re going through so much right now, the world is in such shambles, and it’s really sad that we have to fight for the freedom to love and freedom to be who we are.”

How did you infuse that spirit of freedom into the clothing?

“It’s obviously very wild, crazy and loud, but at the same time all the silks are the best quality and the tailoring is fine and delicate. It isn’t just about going over the top for the sake of it. I wanted to create characters. I get really bored when I see designers using the same patterns over and over again, and I didn’t do that because I design for different characters. I want everyone to see themselves out there on the runway.”

Do you always design with a person or character in mind?

“It’s so funny. I’m such a people watcher and I’m always making up stories in my head about the people I see. I create characters and then I design for them. I like to say that Hendrixroe is a brand that will always have your back—to be the individual that you are.”


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