Q&A with Hilary MacMillan on Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week

Ready-to-wear designer Hilary MacMillan debuted her Fall/Winter 2018 collection on Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week. MacMillan is best known for her impeccably tailored garments and bold prints, as well as her commitment to cruelty-free fashion. We chatted with MacMillan about the inspiration behind her Fall/Winter 2018 collection and how veganism influences her aesthetic.

What was the inspiration behind your collection this season?
“This season, we were inspired by the colour palette in Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette. There’s a lot of pinks, blues, whites and sequins. We wanted to introduce athleisure, so we did wearable separates and paired them with tailored, trendy pieces that you wouldn’t wear everyday. We liked the juxtaposition between the two.”

Who do you envision wearing your pieces?
“The Hilary MacMillan woman is in her 30s, she’s hip and urban, she lives in the city, she loves things that are wearable that she can also take out on the weekend.”

You recently decided to stop using animal products in your designs. What was behind that decision?
“I’m vegan. It’s my lifestyle. What goes on with producing skins and furs just doesn’t sit right with me, so I decided to go cruelty-free in 2016. We don’t use any fur, leather, skins or feathers.”

Why is showing at Toronto Fashion Week important to you?
“I love Toronto Fashion Week and being able to show off how our pieces move and flow. Yorkville is a great location. Last year we did a static presentation, which was great, but being on the runway is really special.”