One On One With Sound Designer Daniel Buckman

In our series Backstage Heroes, we highlight the behind-the-scenes visionaries who bring Toronto Fashion Week to life.

Daniel Buckman is the Toronto-based founder of Bello Sound, the firm that curates tunes for Toronto’s Reimagined Fashion Week. We caught up with Buckman to get the scoop on how he got his start, his role in TFW and the key to his success.

How did you get started in the music industry?
“When I first came out of school, I worked for Jake Gold and The Management Trust managing the Tragically Hip. Then I worked at record companies like Jive, BMG and Sony. I also traveled to places like New York and Miami, and started to understand how music can set a vibe.”

Tell us about BelloSound?
“BelloSound is a creative music agency, we offer a wide range of customized music services to a number of corporate clients around the world.”

What do you do for Toronto Fashion Week?
“We work with each specific designer to understand their creative vision and what they want to accomplish with their collection. We figure out how can music support this. Sometimes we source the music, put together the show, edit it together, there’s other situations where there are songs they want to use and ask how we can piece it together to make a succinct experience from beginning to end.”

What is the key to your success?
“A key to our success is that we are continuously sourcing new material. I think if you play my iTunes, it will go on for three years without repeating a song! As a team, we are always sourcing new music, compiling, packaging—it’s a nonstop flow of music.”

What does it mean to you to be such an important part of shaping Toronto Fashion Week?
“It feels really cool that we’re helping make Toronto Fashion Week something special, something that people want to come back to and participate in. It’s rewarding to know we’re supporting the Toronto Fashion Industry, and that we can do that with music and performance.”

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Photography/Video by @michaelwilliamsphoto