Behind The Scenes With Set Designer Rob Dittmer

Introducing Behind the Scenes, our new series that spotlights some of the creative minds that help make Toronto Fashion Week so fabulous.

Rob Dittmer is the owner of Three Design, the Toronto-based firm that is responsible for imagining and executing the luxe interior spaces at Toronto’s reimagined fashion week. We caught up with Dittmer to talk about his inspirations, aesthetic, and his role in bringing Toronto Fashion Week to life.

How did you first become interested in set design?
“I first got interested in set design when I was a child, and I used to change my parents living room around constantly—at least once a week! I had a knack for it and went to art school.”

Can you tell us about Three Design?
“It’s a small design company in Toronto, and I’m the owner. We’ve been building Fashion Week for almost 10 years now.”

Who inspires you?
“I’m inspired most by designers like Ian Schrager and Philippe Starck, who are able to create lifestyle experiences that are both beautiful and functional.”

What is your design aesthetic?
“I use a lot of traditional shapes but I make them more modern with new textures and great fabrics.”

What does a set designer do?
“Set designers have a fun job. It’s about building an experience for everyone who walks through the door, understanding a space, and how to make it functional. It’s not just about creating something pretty and finding a great sofa, it’s about understanding how many seats we need and managing details and moving parts.”

What can we expect this season at Toronto Fashion Week?
“Every season we try to do something new and change the environment as much as possible We try to stay on trend with colour so as fashion changes, so does home decor. This season we’re using lots of gold and rich textures. It’s about white marble and velvet, and I describe the look as being ‘Inside a Genie Bottle.’”

What does it mean to you to be such an integral part in creating Toronto Fashion Week?
“Fashion Week in Toronto is very important and I’m so proud to be part of it. The people I’ve met, the people I’ve worked with—it’s great to feel the energy. I walk proud being part of fashion week.”

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Photography/Video by @michaelwilliamsphoto